dgj077 Bar Conny Plank's Studio, Frankfurt am Main, Germany , 2010


Ata Macias, DJ, runs the legendary club "Robert Johnson" in Offenbach and top-secret eatery "Club Michelle" in Frankfurt. With "Conny Plank's Studio," he enters the red-light-dominated Bahnhofsviertel. In this effort, he and the ambitious landlords Marcus Jochum and Joachim Roy want to set a trend for the whole area.

project period Dec 01 2009 - Sep 01 2010
useRestraurant. Bar
address Elbestraße 15, Frankfurt am Main
floor area 55 m²
building volume 220 m³
budget 54,000 EUR
client Ata Macias, Marcus Juchum, Joachim Roy
commissionDirect Comission
project team: Eva Zellmann
project status: built work
Leistungsphasen:Building Permit, Preparing to Build, Buidling Supervision