dgj100 BASF Gate 1 Ludwigshafen, Ludwigshafen, Germany , 2006


The gatehouse is the plant protection at the site in Ludwigshafen. In addition to serving its function as a function of building the plant protection staff with changing rooms, showers and offices, the gate building contains a reception area where visitors BASF login access cards and provides information about the plant. For orientation is on the back wall of the posterior bar, a large work plan attached.

project period Mar 04 2006 - Dec 15 2006
useRepresentative. Trade Fare, Commercial. Office Building
address BASF Ludwigshafen, Ludwigshafen
floor area 220 m²
building volume 700 m³
budget 420,000 EUR
client BASF Ludwigshafen AG
commissionDirect Comission
project status: built work