dgj008 ETH World - physical and virtual spaces of ETH Zürich, Zürich, CH , 2002


The learning landscape is a landscape in which users find all elements necessary for learning. Information and knowledge, but also administration, infrastructure, and other basic elements needed for study and research will be present in the landscape.

The learning landscape is also a landscape that has the ability to learn. The landscape grows, gets to know its users, and becomes more intelligent.

Philosophy and Goals

ETH World will lead the ETH in its journey to link worlds of knowledge: link virtual and physical worlds, link research and learning worlds, link disciplinary worlds, and link the ETH with the whole outside world. Through highly sophisticated information technology and stable dynamic information structures, the ETH can evolve its knowledge to a world leading height. By making knowledge visible, the ETH will maintain its reputation as a well-known centre for research and learning: a true learning landscape.

project period Feb 01 2002 - Okt 26 2002
useSchool, Education
address Rämistrasse 101, Zürich
floor area 1,200 m²
budget 5.0 Mio. CHF
price 2. Price
client Federal Institue of Technology Zurich - ETH Zurich
project partner: Sascha Chetkovic, Mascha Leummens
project status: Awarded Competition Entry