dgj209 FION Concept Store, Hong Kong, HK , 2014


The concept for the new flagship stores of FION is inspired from the initial ideas and intentions of rebranding the image of the company.

The classic FION logo has never been changing since its foundation in the 70’s and therefore very recognisable to the customers. Therefore the new logo is developed as a subtle but strong modification of the original four-letters logo, smoothing the hard corners of the single letters in straight thick lines into curves, creating a more fresh and modern visual perception.

The new logo is intuitive and expressing will of change of the trademark from being perceived as classic into a fresh best-seller, nevertheless maintaining its recognisable threshold.

This new brand image inspires the shaping of the new stores through the application of straight panels gently curving, reminding of the logo’s graphical structure, adapting to the existing spatial layout, and articulating the space not only aesthetically but functionally.

Using shaped cladding panels, allowed us to hide the (bad) condition of the existing structure, reducing the need of restoration works, while defining the architectural and decorative elements of the new design with a common featured character (light niches, shelves, background walls, desk, counter, displays, etc…)


The system of panels are conceived as 3 continuos stripes of different sizes that extend themselves along the depth of the shop, adapting their height according to the available space or to the specific needs of the shop, creating the desk or the display for instance, and hiding the technical appliances.

The panels system is realised with basic woodwork structure and cladded with metallic laminates. Despite the different spatial articulations of the stripes, they are defined with flat horizontal and vertical directions, and always with the very same curvature, simplifying the construction method and reducing the construction time (the store has been realised in only 3 weeks time).


The stripes are cladded with 2 different metallic foils, one on each side, and are alternatively visible according to the spatial articulation of the stripe, creating an intriguing perception of inside-out effect.

The metallic materials are expressing elegance and sophistication, and the alternation is especially visible in the front view of the shop from the street, with the central space extending to its full double height by the front window welcoming the visitors to enter and defining the access space, while the side stripes are creating the vertical displays, embedding lighting and darkened mirrors, enhancing the spatial perception of the store, making it look wider that it really is.

All the existing structure, where visible, and all minor details as curtains, shelves, handles, skirting, edges, etc. are all treated with the very same brownish Pantone colours that has been chosen from FION as their primary gamut for their brand. Thanks to this strategy of application materials and colours, we are putting together a set of rules that will be highly effective and recognisable, and easily adaptable to any other store and situation in future.

project period Okt 01 2014 - Nov 25 2014
floor area 50 m²
budget 1.2 Mio. HKD
commissionDirect Comission
project team: Freddy Curiél, Ding Ding
project partner: BTW Design, Yang Fook Decorations and Constructions
project status: built work
Leistungsphasen:Building Permit, Preparing to Build, Buidling Supervision