dgj172 IA Mall Futian Shenzen , China, China , 2012

Refurbishment of Shopping Gardens and Roof Terace

Fotograf: EDFA Execution Project

Fotograf: DGJ Hong Kong

Fotograf: DGJ Hong Kong

Fotograf: DGJ Hong Kong

Fotograf: DGJ Hong Kong


In the task of designing the landscape for the IMall, thanks to the strategic location and specific conformation of the site, we aimed to make the new public space work as an attractor. As in this case we are not constructing from scratch, we needed to regenerate the existing condition.

The bad quality of the existing space and its organization, despite the presence of an MTR station and its central location, made the place look almost abandoned even thou the commercial centre is very active. This occurred because of unused and avoided spaces, creating a very monotonous and boring environment. There was no integration at all between the building and the landscape.

We wanted to create a specific character to the place, therefore we needed to create a stronger dialogue between the body and the stage, between the building and its surroundings.

The idea of the ribbon used in some typical Chinese dance, has been the main concept adopted and applied to the new facades and to the new pavements, creating a recognizable fil-rouge all around the area. In this way we give a strong iconicity to the new intervention and create a unique landmark in Shenzen’s CBD.

The ribbon is the main feature, but not as a purely aesthetical element, we made it stronger and recognizable, by making it more characteristic and functional, creating seats, canopies, hard edges, decorations, etcetera.

Smart simplifications in the detailing will ensure both a faster and cheaper construction and realization, for instance avoiding at the same time full curved lines and hard corners, but rather adopting straight lines into curves, simpler but not simplistic. We also reduced special operations and productions – the best compromise between a serial repetitive element, and a 100% customization. This allowed us to save part of the budget, that we suggested investing for instance in Energy efficient solutions. Doing so we obtain cheaper and better maintenance of the overall project on the long term. Water recycling and purification for the water features, as well as solar-based technology, will reduce many costs.

We long for not only for user-friendly spaces but also for environmental-friendly solutions, and nevertheless satisfy our client’s desire.

project period Mar 26 2011 - July 01 2012
useCommercial. Office Building, Landscape
address Futian district, China
rank 1. Rank (tender)
commissionDirect Comission
project team: Federico Curiél, Jech Kwok, Frank Ren
project partner: EDFA
project status: built work
Leistungsphasen:Building Permit, Preparing to Build