dgj140 l'obelisque, Frankfurt am Main, Germany , 2013


Obelisque will be a visitor centre at Frankfurt Airport to be built in the framework of Schaustelle Baustelle at the future extension of 2013. Its timber formwork structure is optimized for sustainability. Its shape evoques the dynamics of access and enhances visual impact while minimizing the actual use of materials. DGJ's project was selected from an invited competition held in 2009 by Fraport.

project period 03/2009 - 2013
useMuseum. Exhibition, Representative. Trade Fare
address Flughafen Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main
floor area 3,600 m²
building volume 11,000 m³
budget 3.0 Mio. EUR
rank 1. Rank
client Fra Port AG
commissionInvited Competition
project status: prepearing to build