dgj193 Library Heidenheim an der Brenz, Heidenheim an der Brenz, Germany , 2013


The urban Library Heidenheim creates with the inclusion of the district media center, a forward-looking redesign of the concept library. The project embodies the spirit of the information technology in which various information media is no longer just a place where knowledge is stored, but serves the citizens of all ages primarily as a place of encounter and exchange.
Due to the compact and efficient form, and the positioning of the building on the north end of the property, the design fits into the streets of densely populated Brenzstraße. The resulting, attractive, south facing part of the site allows you to have a new park created, forming a green axis that extends from Station Square on the Georges-Levillain-Anlage to Pauluskirche.
The library is based around a dramatic and spacious staircase,wich is located in the heart of the building. She can be used as seating, structural element and as a communicative link between the heterogeneous usage patterns of the library.
A woven perforated aluminum façade creates
adequate and diffuse illumination of the interior. By the curved, ribbon-like form a sculptural character is conveyed and there are small terraces that spread across the library floors. The inspiration was the history of the textile industry Heidenheim.

project period 2012 - 2013
price 2.rank
project partner: In cooperation with: NAU | Architecture & Design, Berlin (DE), Zürich (CH) Büroprofil Stadtplaner: Spath + Nagel, Berlin (DE) Innenarchitekten: Irene Per Villa, Berlin (DE) construction engineer: Büro Happold, Berlin (DE), Bath (GB), Hong Kong (HK), Copenhagen K (DK)
project status: Awarded Competition Entry