dgj196 Plus Energy Houses for Dortmund, Dortmund, Germany , 2013


Light air and energy - The plus-energy house is to increase the quality of life for residents. The concept is not to minimize energy losses by reducing the quality of living, but to maximize profits. The building opens up to the garden and to the south to maximize solar gains. Lying to the north Rooms have south-facing windows and skylights therefore are perfectly light and ventilated.

Living concept - The building is divided into three areas:
- On the ground floor is a functional complex with entrance hall, cloakroom, kitchen, utility room, basement spare room and the technical central. Here all important building functions are bundled. This area with the kitchen is separated with the glass wall and the sliding glass wall.
- The rear part of the building opens up to a spacious living area, which extends over two floors. The development is integrated into the living space and central part of the building: The spacious staircase, which is also the sitting place and a shelf furniture, the upper floor gallery, which is at the same time library with the long table for the homeworks and the home office.- Sleeping area on the upper floor contains private rooms and is well protected from the outside and inside noise.

project period 04/2013 - 06/2013
floor area 169 m²
commissionInvited Competition
project status: Competition Entry