dgj183 RE-GENERATION DELTA, Hong Kong, China/HK , 2013

Strategy for a sustainably managed Pearl River Delta


The project presents a multi-layered strategy for a sustainable management of the Pearl River Delta (PRD). Re-Generation Delta proposes a large scale micro-algae harvesting system, converting the farmland located by the coastline of the PRD into large scale open air harvesting-ponds. The newly established infrastructure will be realized to function as a physical barrier preventing eventual water flooding.

After analyzing the political conditions, global and local issues, and foreseeing future needs and potentials of the metropolitan area of the PRD, the paper will explain how a single landscape strategy could be a solution to several global matters, exploiting the artificiality of the existing rural landscape and the specific conditions and needs of the different metropolitan clusters of the region.

All the energy is produced by micro-algae harvested on a large regional scale, processing into bio-fuel the CO2 captured and collected from local polluting sources, releasing oxygen to the atmosphere and providing biological resources to different activities and spheres of production.

project period Feb 15 2012 - 2013
useInfrastructure, Landscape
rank 1st
client Delta Alliance, Rio+20
commissionCompetition, Study
project team: Freddy Curiel, Matteo Biasiolo, Daniel Jauslin
project partner: Delta Alliance, Alterra Wageningen
project status: prepearing to build