dgj200 Refurbishment Brewery Tower, Bitburg, Germany , 2014


The old brewery tower originally used as a tank and silo no longer in use. The demolition of the building would be associated with an investment of 2 million euro, when the government faces the support of 0.5 million euro. Since the administrative building is attached to the couple tower, the tower could be used only up to the 4th floor. In addition to economic  Considerations also raises the question of whether the demolition of the tower is not an important carrier of cultural and urban quality of the city and the Bitburg brewery group is abandoned. the  Tower is the only building with a distinctive effect and thus shapes the perception of the city silhouette  in the landscape.  However, the tower is also an important symbol of the industrial past and present of the city.  In the Ruhrgebiet identity-creating value of old industrial sites has been recognized in many places. the prominent example, the Zeche Zollverein in Essen, was even declared a UNESCO World Heritage  and since then has been the cultural heart of the Ruhr dar. Here is a building with a large  Action at a distance (the double block of shaft 12) in the center of the plant. On the Zeche Zollverein, it is  succeeded by the creation of new, mainly cultural uses (exhibition, Design School,  Ferris wheel, concerts) to provide a reinterpretation of the area. In this study, to clarify the possibilities  be shown how the brewery tower in a similar manner with regard to the location of Bitburg,  could be transformed.  The proposed uses and transformations as a selection of building blocks to  understand that not all are to be implemented, but rather useful in an overall concept  can be combined. Particularly interested in doing the investigation of synergies  settled between the proposed uses with one another or with others in the local environment  Buildings. In particular, in the energetic use of the tower as energy storage or producer  is, therefore, a careful analysis of the local energy supply and  demand is required.

project period Nov 08 2013 - Apr 05 2014
useRepresentative. Trade Fare, School, Education, Commercial. Office Building, Infrastructure, Restraurant. Bar
client Bitburger Braugruppe
commissionDirect Comission, Study
project team: Hans Drexler, Daniel Jauslin, Caroline Bruens
project partner: EGS Plan Stuttgart (Energy and technical planning)
project status: Study