dgj074 Residence Waldeck, Offenbach am Main, Germany , 2006


The clients asked for a 'normal house', whatever that means.

The project developed from a volumetric operation which included the urban structure given by the neighbouring buildings and the car parking, which were integrated and subtracted from the building’s volume.

From this operation, an alienated normality was achieved which oscillates betweens the normal shape exterior and the unscaled additions and subtractions.

project period Dec 04 2005 - Aug 11 2006
address Am Waldeck 8, Offenbach am Main
floor area 280 m²
building volume 960 m³
budget 325,000 EUR
client Family Jelijesevic
commissionDirect Comission
project status: built work
Leistungsphasen:Building Permit, Preparing to Build, Buidling Supervision