dgj065 Sports and eventsbaths St. Wendel, St. Wendel, CH , 2004


The sports and events bath St. Wendel has been constructed in a secluded area that is protected by a wall from noise and insight. Within the wall, a reposeful and serene garden has been created, which acts as an optical enhancement of the interior space, and has a high amenity value. The entrance area was designed efficiently so that one person is able to handle the visitors on a quiet day. Furthermore, the cafe is self-service for visitors and external guests. The sports and event bath St. Wendel distinguishes itself through a high quality of the interior spaces, generated by a compact capacity, and is very efficient regarding operation and construction.

project period 2004 - 2004
useSport. Leasure
floor area 2,450 m²
building volume 11,520 m³
project status: Competition Entry