dgj190 THE CHAMELEON, Hong Kong, HK , 2012

Tsue Wan noise mitigation barrier



Our proposal consists of a simple double-frame structure which can accommodate modules of different materials. It is easy to install, maintain and replace in its parts.

It not only exceeds its targets functionally for heavy traffic pollution, it enables flexibility in adapting to the changing context like an infrastructural chameleon. Chameleons have specialized cells that lie in layers under their transparent skin called chromatophores which enable it to change according to dynamic conditions in a process called metachrosis. Our system is similarly cellular-modular in its nature.

Mounted on a structural diamond grid, the modules function like the Chromatophores of a Chameleon, allowing it flexibility to adapt to different contexts with varying materials and transparencies. The structure reacts to the site’s environmental conditions, maximizing solar energy conversion, its morphology undulates to maximize view angles. It incorporates a variety of green features for sound absorption and park recreation. Solar energy powers the led light features for the communications functions of the transportation hubs, road signs and cantilevered illumination of social spaces.

With a doubled carapace, the thickness and weight of the structure are reduced while sound insulation is increased. The inner skin, hollow and outer skin provide triple insulation, absorbing sound and air pollution, while the outer skin addresses the urban context, functionally and aesthetically for local residents. The inner skin consists of a patent-pending concrete mix (with recycled inert, titanium dioxide and magnesium oxide) modules mounted onto the diamond grid. We designed a 3-D cellular form for better sound diffusion,dispersal and absorption, reducing reverberation due to the increased surfaces. This sustainable, safe, economical and non-toxic skin enhances sound Insulation, recycles wastes, breaks down pollutants and absorbs CO2.

project period Apr 19 2012 - 10/2012
useInfrastructure, Landscape
client Weaving New City Traffic, Civil Engineering Dept. of Hong Kong
project team: Freddy Curiél, Daniel Jauslin (DGJ), Ulrich Kirchhoff, Louise Low, Matteo Biasiolo (ICE), Julian Bott (Cundall)
project partner: ICE Architects, CUNDALL (acoustics)
project status: Competition Entry