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Timescape - Festival of Follies

"Blauwe Kamer, magazine for Landscapearchitecture and Urbanism "

Jan Maurits van Linge

release date: Okt 31 2014

editor: Bert Bukman

publisher: Blauwdruk

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project: dgj146 Zeeheldentuin

dutch, 1 page

Our existence is based on time.

Building Better - Sustainable Architecture for Family Homes

Sofia Borges, Sven Ehmann, 
Robert Klanten, Hans Drexler

release date: 08/2014

publisher: gestalten

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In the book, architects and homeowners work together to find unique and aesthetically compelling ways to build more sustainably. Melding client desires with real world pragmatism, these efficient homes present a diverse spectrum of solutions that include everything from state of the art climate control systems to ancient, passive, and renewable building techniques.

Sufficiency and standards.

"Expert contribution in: Hans Sauer Price 2014 RE:GENERATIONEN.RE:GENERATIV."

Hans Drexler

release date: July 01 2014

editor: Dr. Ralph Boch, Nicola Bötsch, Johanna Süß

text by DGJ

The sustainability debate in recent years has focused on the issue of efficiency. However, efficiency alone is not a solution to close the gap between increasing demand, shrinking resources and increasing environmental degradation. The achieved savings through efficiency gains for the construction and operation of a square meter of living space than offset by the increasing demand of living space per person. A departure from the doctrine growth and a culture of renunciation is incompatible with the current economic and social development. Therefore, growth should be decoupled from resource consumption and quality should be replaced by quantitative growth.

pub2014.001_Hans Sauer Preis Essay



first published in: Elandkrant

release date: Jan 22 2014

editor: Elandkrant. Wijkkrant voor het Zeeheldenkwartier

text about DGJ

project: dgj146 Zeeheldentuin

dutch, 6 pages

On Wednesday 22th of January 2014 was organized a presentation about final design of the "Zeehelden" Garden. It took place in Residence Haganum and lured a flock of people interested in this design to the Hague

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Affordable Living - Housing for everyone

Klaus Dömer, Hans Drexler, Joachim Schultz-Granberg

release date: 2014

publisher: Jovis

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Housing is a basic need that is still not or not enough accessible for many of the people in all regions of the world. Architecture and urban planning can make a significant contribution in finding new solutions that can ensure proposed “Housing for all” offer. Above all, the challenge for affordable housing is to put living costs and the resultant living quality in an optimum ratio value. This challenge is dependent on many local parameters and cultural influences.

In this context, not only theoretical approaches are going to be presented in the book, but also on example of outstanding residential buildings, some strategies to create affordable housing. By means of project’s analysis in the economic, social and urban context, these strategies can be comparable.
However still the main subject focus on question how can be these different approaches to create affordable Housing transferred into regional specifics.

Future of the Past - The renovation of buildings built between 1945-1979

""Wohnhaus dgj155 in Bonn""

release date: 2014

editor: Wüstenrot Stiftung

publisher: Kraemer

text by DGJ

6 pages

The apartment building was remodeled in Bonn with an energetic and functional design. Aware, however, the value of integrating the building structure design elements such as the old wooden ladder. The project involves the renovation and expansion of the main house, the redesign of the courtyard and the outer layers and the conversion of the existing garage in the studio of an artist.


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