dgj155 Refurbishment Bonn

Passive house refurbushment in Bonn

"Houses of the year"

Hubertus Adam, Wolfgang Bachmann

release date: Sep 09 2013

publisher: Callwey

text by DGJ

project: dgj155 Refurbishment Bonn

german, 271 pages

The architects consider the problem basically. For them, the restoration in the building stock is no   physical or technical problem, but a contribution to sustainable development of society. This house of the 1948 shows how an existing structur can be used and how an apartment building with commercial premises becomes an attractive energy terms Townhouse. The wooden staircase, for example, was protected and combined with new elements.

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Remodeling and renovation - Apartment house: Beautiful open

"Schöner Wohnen"

Thomas Eichhorn

release date: 04/2013

editor: Stephan Schäfer

publisher: Gruner+Jahr AG&CO KG

text about DGJ

project: dgj155 Refurbishment Bonn

german, 8 pages

By uncovering the ancient staircase became a close post-war building to the airy loft. In the SCHÖNER WOHNEN-Modernization Competition 2012's it was
the special prize, awarded by the BHW.


Successful symbiosis

"Renovation & Energy Saving"

Inga Ervig

release date: 02/2013

publisher: Family Home Verlag GmbH

text about DGJ

project: dgj155 Refurbishment Bonn

german, 4 pages

Living and working in the same place and, moreover, in a sustainable living environment - these were motives which influenced the redesign of an old apartment building in Bonn. Result is a modern house with studio, which in energy terms is like a passive house.


Graue Eminenz der Vorstadt

"Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung FAZ"

Birgit Ochs

release date: Dec 02 2012

editor: Werner D'Inka, Berthold Kohler, Günther Nonnenmacher, Frank Schirrmacher, Holger Steltzner

publisher: F.A.Z.-Verlag - FAZ.NET

text about DGJ

project: dgj155 Refurbishment Bonn

german, 1 page

Shored completely - that was yesterday. After the renovation, the house of Sibylle Feucht and Jürgen Starosta in Bonn shows itself from a new perspective.


Gestaltungspreis der Wüstenrot Stiftung - Anerkennung Wohnhaus dgj155 Bonn

"Zukunft der Vergangenheit - Die Erneuerung von Gebäuden der Baujahre 1945 bis 1979"

release date: 10/2012

editor: Wüstenrot Stiftung

publisher: Karl Krämer Verlag

text by DGJ

project: dgj155 Refurbishment Bonn

german, 5 pages

The apartment building in Bonn was remodeled consistently in energetic, functional and design points of view. Knowingly worth protecting parts of the construction were integrated into the design like keeping the old wooden staircase. The project scope included renovation and expansion of the main house, the redesign of the yard and the outdoor installation and the conversion of existing garage into an artist's studio.


Successful ensemble for living, working and exhibiting

"KFW Award 2012 Modernize with vision and energy efficient generation needs to rebuild"

Dr. Mussler, Mussler Communication GmbH,

release date: Sep 02 2012

editor: KfW Bankengruppe Palmengartenstraße 5-9 60325 Frankfurt

publisher: KfW Bankengruppe

text by DGJ

project: dgj155 Refurbishment Bonn

german, 2 pages

Built in 1910 in Bonn, it was purchased in 2010 by Mr. and Mrs. Sibylle Feucht and Jürgen Starosta and reconstructed from scratch. Their goal was to create an environment for their own ideas, which combines in a suitable manner with residential and work here also integrates an exhibition space. At the same time it was necessary to equip the city with regard to house the most modern energy standards.

Particular emphasis was placed on the design of the façade and the integration into the surrounding public space. To the side of the road (north side) was designed for energy reasons, but also for privacy less generous and the south side (facing towards Venusberg), however, large-scale implementation.

Another focus of the renovation was to provide modern energy requirements sustainably justice to. For this, a number of measures were implemented, the overall lead to excellent energy values​​. These range from the use of geothermal energy in conjunction with a heat pump, a controlled ventilation system, the installation of a wall heater and installing triple glazed wooden windows through to the insulation of all exterior walls to passive house standard. A rainwater cistern provides a resource-saving toilet flushing, garden watering and washing machine use.