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"Finnish Pavillon from Border to home"

release date: May 28 2016

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Bewahren und Ergänzen


Boris Schade-Bünsow Chefredakteur

release date: Apr 08 2016

editor: Bauverlag BV

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project: dgj219 Arrival City 4.0

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Arrival City 4.0 Drexler Guinand Jauslin architects from Frankfurt propose an expandable concept: The shell serves as emergency shelter, with the use of tents and containers. Over time, the residents practice to build residential and commercial units by themselves. A controversial project, but one of the few actively involving refugees.

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Living for everyone!

"werk bund"

Deutscher Werkbund Bayern, e.V.

release date: Mar 10 2016

editor: Deutscher Werkbund Bayern, e.V.

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Living for everyone!


The refugee crisis is omnipresent. The refugees whose asylum application is granted, lined up within the large number of people who are already looking for affordable accommodation. We therefore we need a large number of low-cost apartments, which relieve the housing market.