European Green lnfrastructure Award 2015, Zeeheldentuin, Conference Vienna

Young Professional Award ReGeneration Delta, awarded during the Rio+20 UN conference 2012

Award for Marketing + Architektur - Raiffeisenbank Kreuzplatz, Zürich, 2012

Best Archiects 14 Award - Open Lounge: Raiffeisenbank Kreuzplatz, Zürich, 2013

Design prize Wüstenrot Foundation - Future of the Past - The renovation of buildings built between 1945-1979, dgj155 Refurbishment, Bonn, honorable mention, 2012

National Winner Energy Efficient Buildings Award - German Energy Agency (DENA) and Federal Ministry of Building and Urbanism, Minimum Impact House, 2009

Green Building Frankfurt 2009 - City of Frankfurt am Main, Minimum Impact House, 2009

Timber Building Award Hessen 2008, Minimum Impact House, Honorable Mention, 2008, Innerstädtisches Wohngebäude

Distinction Exemplary Buildings Land Hessen 2008 Architects Chamber and Ministry of Building Hessen, Minimum Impact House, Special Distinction, 2008

ID Annual Design Review, simpledoubledeux (Bett), Best of Category 'Furniture', 2008

„Goldener Hase“ Nominee for 'Golden Rabbit', Weekend house Panix/Graubünden, 2004

„Living Spaces under the roof“ Velux, Roof top conversion Bruderholz Basel, 3. Price, 2003

I.D. Gold-Award for Interactive Media Design, 'Learning Landscape ETH World', physical and virtual spaces of ETH Zurich, Gold-Award, 2001


Competition succeses:

Eden in Westbroekpark, Den Haag 1. rank in public design & developement tender 2015

City Library, Heidenheim an der Brenz, 2013, 2.rank

Mobile Toilette Container, Frankfurt, 2011, spezial price

Cote Sauvage, construction and refurbishment of a public bath at the lake, Sierre, 2011, 1.rank

Raiffeisen Kreuzplatz Zurich, 2011, 1.rank

Visitorcenter and watch tower, Airport Frankfurt, 2010, 1.rank

Yachtclub Zurich, Zurich, 2010, 1.rank

Hergiswood bridge, Kriens, 2009, 2.rank

City-Lightning Winterthur, 2008, 1.rank

Schoolhouse Langweg Oberrieden, Oberrieden, 2008, 2.rank

Drents museum Assen, Assen, 2007, Shortlist of the best 5

Residential quarter and high rise West-Link Zürich Altstetten, 2006,
shortlist of the best 8

School extension Gustav Maurer Winterthur, Winterthur, 2005, shortlist of the best 8 

Public swimming pool St. Wendel, 2006, runner-up

Mobile exhibition hall for Lufthansa, 2005, 1. rank

School extension Hinwil, Hinwil, 2001, 1. runner-up

Urban center of Kriens, Kriens, 2001, shortlist of the best 4

Extension of the WSL Birmensdorf, Birmensdorf, 2002, 2.rank

Station plaza and underground shopping mall Bern, 2001, 5.rank

Primary school Bad Homburg, 2001, 1. runner-up

Community centers of the future Denmark, 2001, shortlist of the best 6

Iceskating hall Thalwil, 2001, shortlist of the best 2

Public and landscape design of the city Zollikon, 2001, 1.rank

Vitrual and physical spaces of the ETH Zurich, Learning Landscape ETH World, 2000, 2.rank

Science museums extension Technorama Winterthur, 2000, 1. runner-up

Terminal building for river cruises and landscape design of the river banks, 'Waterstation' Bonn, 2000, 1. runner-up

School extension Volketswil, 1999, shortlist of the best 2






















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