dgj180 Amplification Holzhausen-school Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main, Germany , 2012

"The flying classroom"


The amplification replenishes and completes the Elsässer building urbanistically, functionally and architecturally. The open structure to the rear side is closed with the u-formed building which forms an inner courtyard. This way, a broad but recognizable and intimate outdoor space is created which shapes the core of the school. All interiors are oriented to this centre. The new building is elevated by two floors. With this, a continuous exterior area is created which can flow under the new construction, and embeds the chestnut grove behind it in the open environment. The space beneath the new building can be used as a covered recreational area. The new building is planned in passive house standard.

project period Aug 30 2011 - Feb 16 2012
useSchool, Education
address Bremer Str. 25, Frankfurt am Main
floor area 11,449 m²
building volume 46,596 m³
project team: Hans Drexler, Joachim Schulze, Anne Bauer, Simon Galler
project status: Competition Entry