dgj110 Drents Museum, Assen, NL , 2008


In an invited competition, Municipalicy Drenthe searched an architect for the extension of the Drents Museum in Assen with a new, central entrance and a functional exhibition space. As one of five preselected teams, DGJ & HKA are convinced that the best location for the extension is not next to the museum, but underneath it. The complex of historic buildings of which the Drents Museum is part is not only part of the protected city sight, but is also the main façade of the Brink, and forms the main public space in the town of Assen. Underneath the Brink, wonderful, controversial architecture can arise from fresh contrasts between old and new, the opposition of artefact and nature, and the experience of underworld and upper world. The new entrance hall in the centre of the existing complex breathes the large scale of a city foyer, where people walk in every direction on three levels. All old walls and façades are once again visible in their entire height. The 19th century composition of the complex, based on the 13th century cloister, can be admired again, together with the neighbouring National Archives. Our project was based on a strong planning and budget, and has won the unofficial public award in an exhibition on site with 69 % of votes. However, another project has been selected, and will be executed late 2012
project period Feb 01 2008 - July 01 2008
useMuseum. Exhibition
address Brink 1, Assen
floor area 3,200 m²
building volume 10,400 m³
budget 5.4 Mio. EUR
rank 5. Prize
commissioner Province of Drenthe
project team: Daniel Jauslin & Marc Guinand, Barbara Holzer, Tristan Kobler & Jean Lucien Gay (HKA)
project partner: Holzer Kobler Architekturen, abt, i-art interactive, SmitsRinsma
project status: Awarded Competition Entry