dgj113 Most at Power Station Andhausen, Andhausen Berg, CH


With artist Mayo Bucher, DGJ has won the competition for use of an electrial substation in Andhausen/Berg Thurgau. This region is famous for its apple juice called "MOST". Taste it here, after renovation and SIGN are completed. This project is also a present: happy 100th birthday, Thurgauer Heimatschutz.

A host has been found, but at the moment the Most Wanted Association, foundet for this project, was preparing a building permit and awaiting fundraising.

In the end mor the local administration nor the Heimatschutz did support the project sufficently. Even with a new useag proposal the project was cancelled lacking their support.

project period May 17 2007
useLandscape, Restraurant. Bar
address Andhauser Strasse / Fritz-Meier-Strasse, Andhausen Berg
floor area 4 m²
building volume 40 m³
budget 50,000 CHF
price 1st price
commissioner Heimatschutz Thurgau and Most Wanted Association
project status: Awarded Competition Entry