dgj195 PERISCOPE Sudfass, Frankfurt am Main, Germany , 2013



The blocks for the architecture of the city are the buildings. Enrolled in the structure and volumetry of the building are the large-scale salaries. The project, Periscope 'translates these covers in a distinctive building form: the linear development along the Oskar-von-Miller-Straße continues. The tower marks the bridgehead and is a graduate of the riverine buildings. At this point, the building rears up and turns to the other to the waterfront and the skyline.

Building form

The periscope as building form was developed directly from the Blickbezügenzur environment. The two main visual references, dieSkyline and the Main river are accented by distinctive holes desGebäudes.

Lobby Boardinghouse

The ground floor of the tower contains a small lobby on the one hand for short term rentals. Depending on the operating concept could also find a concierge welcome guests. In addition, a restaurant and bar is on the ground floor of the tower. Even a basic utilization by residents of operation is achieved. The excellent central location and the view are a good basis for a high-quality gastronomic offer. Accordingly, the actual restaurant is assigned a bar, in which guests can meet for an aperitif before going to the oriented to the main restaurant area, which has a greater ceiling height. The outside areas could be used for catering.

Ground floor Terms distribution

In the block edge is on the ground infrastructure for housing: parking areas, garbage room and mailboxes. In addition, the large five-room apartment is housed here. For families with children the direct walk-in access to the free areas behind the building is a unique, attractive offer.

Urbanization apartments

The perimeter block building with residential use is accessible by tapping two cores efficiently by the Oskar-von-Miller-Straße. The apartments are all north-and south-facing exposure. The western apartment is connected through the development of the tower. The northern and the southern facade can be angeleitert in case of fire. The drive around the tower by a fire engine is guaranteed.

Urbanization Boardinghouse

The tower is equipped with a safety staircase, which guarantees a safe evacuation of residents in case of fire. The staircase is accessed via an outside balcony which prevents the escape of smoke or fire is unusable. This proven concept is still used in many high-rise buildings of low height. The fire protection plan and any compensation for the lack of a second escape route (eg fire alarm system) must be coordinated with the Fire Department.

Apartments block development

For the block edge building a matrix was developed that allows to organize the smaller street side rooms with an ideal Innenraummaß of 2.80 m width. On the side of the main light, the apartments have a double height of 5.80 m, so generous and flexible use ground cracks. The apartments are all continuous, so that an optimal natural ventilation is ensured. The building depth is 15m. This volume includes generous loggias are cut, favoring the lighting and ventilation of the rooms. The parapets of the balconies are designed homogeneously of brick, the bricks are set here at a distance. The loggias create a buffer zone, which allows a use of the outdoor area in the transitional seasons. They are equipped with a folding single glazing.

Flats Boarding House / Tower

Studios are housed in the tower with one and a half rooms. There is a bedroom, which can be separated by sliding walls from the rest of the apartment. Again, the sleeping area and the restrooms on frosted glass window to the adjacent rooms are naturally lit indirectly. The apartments are oriented predominantly to the south of the river. But the attractive look to the skyline and the park is used to illuminate the apartments that are oriented to the west.

Construction and material

The facades of the building are planned dark brick. This material makes reference to the materiality of the environment (Satchi-building, building-Mackler, Kolhoff Tower). At the same time high-quality brick façade highlights the prominence and importance of the building in the urban context. The materiality is an appropriate response to the excellent location. Another advantage of the brick façade is that it is durable and maintenance free. In the life cycle of the building considered the higher investment costs are offset by the low maintenance costs.

project period Mar 14 2013
address Oskar-von-Miller Str.6-12, Frankfurt am Main
floor area 1,770 m²
rank 2
commissionCompetition, Invited Competition